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9 Best Distilled Water Brands

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Distillation means water is first vaporized through heat and then condensed and cooled back down to its liquid state. This process rids water of everything except for hydrogen and oxygen molecules, so the end product is free of both dangerous contaminants and essential minerals.

Distilled water usually tastes bland. This, combined with its mineral-free makeup makes it a bad drinking water choice.

Still, it has its uses in CPAP (sleep aid) and dialysis machines. Also, parents who want to control their baby’s mineral intake prefer it over other types of water due to its mineral-free character.

Best Distilled Water Brands to Drink

The distilled water brands we’re going to list below are the ones best suited for these purposes.

1. Parent’s Choice

Parent’s Choice

As the product name suggests, Parent’s Choice is the go-to distilled water brand of many parents to provide safe drinking water for their babies. As such, it’s one of the safest water choices for babies to drink or consume through baby formulas or infant cereals.

What’s better is, the Parent’s Choice water doesn’t taste as bland as distilled water usually does. The brand adds potassium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, and potassium chloride to improve the water’s taste.

These minerals are present only in trace amounts, so you don’t have to worry about disrupting your baby’s diet. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the nutritional value of it as the water has zero calories.

The brand distributes its water in one-gallon jugs that make it easy to pour. The jug is made of completely recyclable materials.

However, we should note that it’s not CPAP-friendly due to its added mineral content.

2. Le Bleu

Le Bleu

You don’t want any minerals added back to the water during post-distillation? Then, Le Bleu is what you’re looking for.

Le Bleu heats water until the temperature hits 212 degrees in a process called fractional vapor compression distillation. When it’s cooled down, there are only hydrogen and oxygen molecules in it, and the brand adds nothing into it. The end-product only has 11% hydrogen and 89% oxygen.

So, if you’re in the market for the purest water possible, Le Bleu is one of the most evident choices you have.

However, we should note, customers complain that the water tastes like plastic.

3. Bay Bay Water

Bay Bay Water

The Bay Bay Water comes in bottles with designs that feature lots of baby drawings from different backgrounds. It makes sense, too, as the brand is leading the industry in producing distilled water babies.

The brand employs a seven-step purification process to achieve ultimate purity. Although it doesn’t disclose all the steps, we know that distillation is the most essential part of it.

Similar to Parent’s Choice, the Bay Bay Water is an ideal ingredient for baby formulas and infant cereals. Unlike Parent’s Choice, it doesn’t have any mineral additives for taste, so you’re in complete control of your baby’s mineral intake.

In addition, the Bay Bay Water bottles come with an ounce measurement on the side. So, you’ll know how many ounces of water your baby has drunk within a day and how many ounces are still left.

4. Snugell CPAP Distilled Water

Snugell CPAP Distilled Water

As the product name makes evident, Snugell is best suited for use in CPAP machines (machines used for sleep aid since they improve the breathing quality). It comes in 20 oz bottles. Often, a bottle is enough for three nights of peaceful sleep.

However, CPAP machines aren’t its only area of use. If you want water that’s completely contaminant- and mineral-free, you can use it in baby formulas, humidifiers, and cosmetic cleaning appliances that require water such as facial steamers.

In addition to distillation, the brand utilizes ultraviolet filtration and ozonation. These two methods ensure the water doesn’t have any microorganisms like bacteria or viruses.

Thanks to its pure content, Snugell will prolong the service lives of household appliances and will keep them free of bacterial or mineral buildups.

5. Glaceau Smartwater

Glaceau Smartwater

The Glaceau Smartwater, a subsidiary of the Coca Cola Company, exists to provide optimum hydration for athletes. To that end, the brand purifies its water using different water treatment techniques and adds electrolytes to it during the post-purification period.

Since the first step of the Glaceau Smartwater treatment process is distillation, it’s regarded as distilled water by most. And as such, it’s the best distilled drinking water choice for adults, especially those who are involved in sports or similar physical activities.

The brand doesn’t disclose all the other water treatment techniques, but  we know that it ensures its water is pure by a proprietary microfiltration blend. In the end, it adds calcium, magnesium, and potassium to it. These minerals give the water a fresh and crisp taste and make it an electrolyte-rich drinking water option.

Yet, if you want baby water and are worried about your baby’s mineral intake, we don’t recommend this water to be mixed in infant cereals or baby formulas. Additionally, you shouldn’t use it in household appliances.

6. Poland Spring Distilled Water

Poland Spring Distilled Water

Poland Spring is known mostly for its high-quality spring water that comes from different natural springs scattered around in Maine. Yet, the brand also produces distilled water, and it’s one of the best on the market, too.

The brand’s main objective in producing distilled water is to prolong the life expectancy of small household appliances that require water to work. These include CPAP machines, humidifiers, irons, and cosmetic cleaners.

However, if you don’t like the taste of minerals in your coffee or tea, you can use the Poland Spring Distilled Water in your kettle or teapot as well. Not only will it produce better-tasting beverages, but also your appliances will require little or no cleaning or maintenance.

Similar to Parent’s Choice, it comes in one-gallon jugs. These jugs are better suited for filling household appliances than water bottles.

7. Aquapap


Aquapap is another distilled water brand that excels in producing water for CPAP machines and other household appliances such as humidifiers. The brand’s rigorous filtration process ensures its water is completely contaminant- and mineral-free, so you and your appliances will be totally safe.

Aquapap has one advantage over the other CPAP-specific distilled water brand on our list. Its water doesn’t come in 20 oz bottles; instead, the brand offers it in three different sizes: 8 oz, 12 oz, and 16.9 oz.

That way, it makes sure a bottle doesn’t stay open for too long. As an open bottle is an invitation for contaminants, it’s a big plus.

Additionally, the Aquapap’s smaller size options make the brand more travel-friendly than its competitors like Snugell.

Although the water is mainly for appliances, it’s baby-friendly, too, due to its complete purity.

8. Simple Truth

Simple Truth

Similar to the Glaceau Smartwater, Simple Truth produces treated water for improving athletes’ hydration. As vapor distillation is the main treatment method the brand employs, it’s one of the best distilled drinking water choices for adults.

Simple Truth’s post-treatment process doesn’t differ much from the Glaceau Smartwater. The brand adds electrolytes, namely calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate, to improve the taste of the water.

Thanks to those electrolytes, many customers report it’s sweeter than other distilled water options on the market.

Yet, due to its electrolyte content, albeit in trace amounts, you shouldn’t fill your CPAP machine or humidifier with Simple Truth.

9. Hint


You’re an adult and you’re bored with all the bland-tasting water on the market? Then, allow us to present Hint.

Hint has been producing flavored water since 2005. Its flavor catalog features many exotic fruit-infused options such as passionfruit orange guava, pineapple peach, and cherry blackberry.

The brand first treats municipal water using a multi-step process that includes reverse osmosis and distillation. Then, without adding any synthetic sweeteners or preservatives, it infuses its water with natural fruits.

The result is one of the best-tasting water brands on the market.

Needless to say, if you’re looking for baby water or water that’s suitable for use in household appliances, Hint is not an option.

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Scott Winfield
Scott Winfield
  1. Hi Scott,
    I recently found out I have a thyroid issue and while researching it I found out that tap water is not good for people with thyroid problems due to the fluoride and chlorine. Distilled waters seems to be best. So I thank you for this information to help me make an informed decision on the best water for me. Peace & Blessings
    Kelly Copeland

    1. Hi, thanks for reading and for your question. We’ve not been able to yet turn up any actual data for their water quality. They seem to be a smaller local/regional company and when we can obtain some useful information, we’re happy to consider them for a future update.

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